Born at 28 weeks weighing 1056 grams


Good day, My name is Tammy, 

Many moons ago I started my career off as a

Private Investigator that sparked my interest and love of photography. Who knew Surveillance was so long and boring?... I couldn't talk to

myself as video was running so I taught myself how to  take pretty pictures on my trusty Pentax K1000. 

From there, I went onto work in the

Social Service sector while

enjoying photography

as a hobby. 

After giving birth to my micro-preemie baby

with Congenial Heart Disease

@ 28 weeks, I made a promise.......

As I sat with my tiny daughter in the NICU,

I watched babies sadly pass without any

"normal non medical photos". I decided

one day I would  change that

for families and take these much needed photos.

Life threw in a few wrenches along the way

that included being diagnosed with

Lupus & tossing out a few organs I no longer got along with.  After many

gear upgrades, formal education

and a lot of practice, my beloved camera once

again became my permanent appendage.... 

I pride myself in doing what I can to be kind

via my camera lens. 

We all come with life experiences...

The skills I have acquired along my journey

have shown me

how to persevere,

fine tune my creative juices

& how best to utilize my empathy

and compassion for others.

I believe life is a

beautiful gift to be treasured & remembered.

It is my honour to help families

with my camera

in tow" 


Ps, the pictures are of my daughter.

I can happily report after a few bumps along her

journey including open heart surgery,

my biggest blessing has soared.

She excelled in high school, moved out

and is currently completing her

Undergrad Dietician Degree.

She makes us so proud. 


All grown up with her goddaughter