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What is Birth Photography?

The bewildered looks we get when we ask that question

are often the

first reactions received.

Some folks cannot fathom sharing

such intimate personal photos....

and others want to share them with the world.  

There is no right or wrong way.

It's all down to personal choices. 

We are here to help you put your fears

& reservations to rest.

Our owner shared the following,

"Truth be told, I myself  

would not have been comfortable back

then with the thought of anyone

but the "baby catcher" aka doc, midwife ... 

hopefully not the taxi driver, lol to be anywhere near

my "nether regions" while giving birth to my baby.  

Despite my own reservations with those

"too close for comfort" aka

"get out of my breathing space" photo ops  . 

I would have absolutely wanted those

" Holy crap, I did it" photos!!   

I would have also loved to have a picture

of my hubby sliding down the wall

when he suddenly realized fatherhood was

indeed a very real reality...

3 months early, lol.

I wasn't a fan at the time but now that

he has gone home to heaven,

I would have loved to have those

pictures today. 

Photos tell our stories.  

They bring us comfort when we are sad,

great joy as we remember,

re-live, & re-tell our pivotal,

big & little life story moments.

We fully understand comfort levels & not wanting Aunt Jean

showing your crowning pics to the ladies at the church hall.

We are here to make your birth experience beautiful for you.  

We are here to capture the time of the birth on the wall,

the look on big sister's face, the loving & not so loving moments between mama & parental partner

( the kind the will make you laugh in years to come),

the amazing moment

baby is grabbing onto the doctor's finger

on their entrance earth-side...

Thank you for this honour.

We will take great care telling your story 


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