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Have a new pet you want to show the world ?  Birthday to celebrate?  Please call us for a fun filled session including static & action shots

We pride ourselves in being patient and kind Lifestyle photographers for all your pet photo needs

*Fees waived at this time, all sessions to be gifted until further notice


$150 for up to 2 hours 25-50 digitals *add in family members for $75 

total investment for both  $250 for 50-75 digitals

In Memory of Mack


Saying goodbye to a family pet is never easy, we sadly had to put down our beloved Sophie last year

In honour of a wonderful old bulldog Mack, Sophie and a spunky dog named Cassie,  

We offer at no charge "best last day ever" for you and your pets when it is time to say goodbye.

We had the opportunity to spend the day with a sick dog named Mack & his humans before Covid. We went to the park,

had ice cream and pizza...we watched a dog go down a slide was perfect. Yes it was hard for all at times...yet...the memories of that day have helped  

Mack's family heal and go on without him.

"I just wanted to say thank you for yesterday, truly from the bottom of my heart. It was such a sad day for Andrea and

her mom, but you honestly made it so special for them, more than they could ever tell you or thank you for.

It’s really special what you did and just wanted to tell you again

thank you so much for helping them out and caring for Mack. It meant a lot more than you’ll ever know to them. Thank you"💜


A few months ago Andrea & family shared they were ready to open up their hearts again.

Happily they now have a new dog they rescued earlier this year

saying goodbye to Mack
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