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Rest in sweet peace Jack

As part of my grief support work, I offer "best last days" with families and their beloved pets. In a nutshell, I follow the family around capturing candid photos of them doing their fav activities , eating the dog's (pets)fav food, and surrounding their pet in love etc. It is my honour to be invited into a family's heart and provide memory making moments photos that will one day bring them peace. Yesterday i provided a session for a sweet young family. I was so impresed how the parents included their children in the

" celebration of love" for their dog Jack. The 4 yr old knew that it was time to say goodbye as their dog was elderly, sick and in pain. At one point, She read a few

" rainbow bridge " books to her dog and baby brother. Jacko had a meatball sub,( at the kiddie table no less, lol) ice cream and a polar dip of his own as he was walked thru a few puddles that must have looked like a lake to the little guy, lol. It was a perfect send off for a much loved doggie and his family. Hugs to them as they said goodbye sometime today . Rest in sweet peace little man🤗

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