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Ann G

“Beautiful work by a very kind knowledgeable woman. She has an eye for the most impressing shots coupled with the knowledge of how her camera really works.
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Viktoriia B

Thank you Tammy for your time and photo, it was a wonderful sunny day ! We are so happy with our photos and to be acquainted with you, You just exude Kindness.

Pcyhana T

Having a photo session with Tammy was an amazing experience. I got many beautiful pictures and spent wonderful time with her

Kind Words


Hi there, my name is Tammy

Many moons ago

After giving birth to my micro-preemie baby with Congenial Heart Disease @ 28 weeks,

I made a promise.......

As I sat with my tiny daughter in the NICU,

I watched babies sadly pass without any

"normal non medical photos".

I decided one day I would change that for families and take these much needed photos.

Life threw in a few wrenches along the way... 

After many gear upgrades, formal education &

a lot of practice, my beloved

camera once again became my permanent appendage.... 

The skills I have acquired along my journey have shown me how to persevere,

fine tune my creative juices & how to best utilize my empathy and compassion for others.

I believe life is a beautiful gift to

be treasured & remembered.

It is my honour to help

families with my camera. 


The Experience

beautiful summer flowers

I am proud to be a kind

Professional Lifestyle Photographer

who specializes in 

capturing memory making moments during

life's ups, downs and pivotal milestones.


Birth, #NILMDTS​, Families​, Pets​, #MAiD​,

Local Charity fundraising activities

Plus many other

Causes and Celebrations that call to my heart

Please reach out if you know of anyone who would benefit from a gifted photography experience .

I accept nominations and or self referrals.

Fav Pictures ⬇️



Lifestyle photographers capture people having fun,

interacting naturally 

while making memories that they will cherish.

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