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Kind Reviews



Tammy took the wedding photos for my daughter's wedding. To say the

pictures were gorgeous is

an understatement. She has such an

eye for getting the right shot.

would highly recommend
Tammy for any special occasion.-

Karen R



"Beautiful pics,

Tammy did an impromptu photo shoot with my youngest grandkids.
They had a blast & the pictures were wonderful"-

Donna W



I Loved her work. She is a passionate professional lady who did a great for for me..and
she is an adorable person, it was a pleasure working with Tammy - Mani N



You would be hard pressed to find anyone

more caring and professional as
Tammy, we love her work"-

Emma R



Thank you for choosing 1 Breath Photography. We look forward to providing a kind hearted lifestyle photography experience

to capture fabulous memory filled photos for all to

enjoy for years to come

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